Stalin is a mass legend and a dictator. What’s more, he is an immense shadow that can darken the world after his demise. In this play, the Soviet history is plainly noticeable in its looks, flavor and mind-set. This is an astounding exhibit of power circles, where a dictator amasses a gathering of sycophants around him for the certainty of self-advancement. These sycophants slaughter his dreams like parasites. They disjunct him from the general population and for covering their violations they murder his character over and over after his demise. Stalin has passed on, yet his shadow still stands over us all. It still dictates to us. The clouds hanging over us are becoming darker and gradually disappear into darkness.

Centre for Asian Theatre presents STALIN
Drumaturg and Director : Kamaluddin Nilu
Bangla Version : Raihan Akhter

Show Date : 10, 11 and 12 June, 2019, at 7 pm with English Subtitles.
Duration of the Play : 2 Hours 40 minutes (10 Minutes Including Intermission).
Ticket : BDT 1000, BDT 500, BDT 300 and BDT 200.

Everyday and advance tickets will be available at the show counter from 9 June to 12 June, 2019 at 5pm to 7pm.
Online tickets are available below.

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